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Biggs Radio Network

Dinahlynn Biggs got her first radio job at 17 in Gary, Indiana. She’s been in love with the industry ever since. Her digital radio station has been going for the last 20 years and is the home of a host of other personalities. The station plays independent artists and is monitored by Digital Radio Tracker. 

When did the calling for radio start?

As a young teen in the 70s I worked as an intern filing records in file drawers at Vee-Jay Records in Gary, IN.  Vee-Jay Records was the first black owned Record Label in the United States operated, by Vivian Carter.  Watching all the stars record music and hear the different radio personalities like Vivian Cater talk at WWCA Radio caught my eye.


What was your first radio job?

WWCA 1270 on your AM dial in Gary, IN.  One day while working as a file clerk at Vee-Jay Reords, a radio personality did not show up for work.  Vivian Carter then said put the file clerk girl on the radio. I hesitated and she said, "Just say what I say and say it like I do and you will be fine.” I was 17 years old.     


Did you DJ before being a radio personality?

No, I began to DJ for events for the radio station a year later and was taught to set up equipment. By the time I was 20 years old I was one of the first crate carrying female DJs in the Midwest complete with scratch mixing. 


What made you decide to take the independent route?

Taking the independent route with recording artists had legs of its own in this digital age.  A&R reps came to the stations with music and we broke singles almost instantly making them hits. Historically, I was the first radio personality in the Midwest to play a hip-hop song when it was forbidden music. The single by the Sugar Hill Gang released in 1980 called “Rapper’s Delight.”  This song sparked the evolution of hip-hop. 


What kind of monitoring service does your station utilize?

As a national Contemporary Crossover Station of 2021, Biggsradio.com is Licensed by the State of Indiana WDLB-DB as being a business entity with studios located in Indianapolis, IN as The Biggs Radio Network - Biggsradio.com. Certified to pay Royalities to recording artists via ASCAP and Sound Exchange. Tracking is certified and monitored by the Digital Radio Tracker. 


Tell us about your show and special features.

The Dinahlynn Biggs Show has been airing for over 15 years in the same time slot of 3-6 CST.  Becoming syndicated in two national markets as of 2015. As a radio personality, engineer and program director, programming over 30 stations and charting singles weekly.  In 2017 Google reported over 500,000 listeners for the show.  What is unique about the show is we take it out of the studios and into communities worldwide to connect with audiences everywhere.  From our community service outreach we have been able to connect with families and national sponsors.  Additionally, the show features interviews from legends and new recording artist taking the audiences from the 8 Track to the latest app. 


What made you station your business in Indianapolis?

I relocated to Indianapolis over twenty years ago and have established roots in the business, community, civic and political arenas.  This includes working with Super Attorney Nathaniel Lee, Law Firm of Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP for over 10 years and as Editor of the Julia M. Carson Democratic News.  My involvement included mentoring college students and hiring interns from IUPUI.  After having success in Northwest Indiana over the years, I felt it was time to bring the business to my new hometown of Indianapolis. With Today's R&B and classic hits with a twist of hip-hop. 


How can artists get their music played on your show?

Recording Artists can submit music of any genre to biggsradio@gmail.com. The music should be in clean mp3 format and registered.  All music must be available for purchase through any digital download site. It would be great to have a press kit complete with photo. This helps in the promotion of the recording artist and the music.  Our team of program directors collaborate on what is put into rotation on the station and shared with other stations.  Any spins of the single will generate revenue for the artists from ASCAP and Sound Exchange. Call to the station 24/7 at 773-462-4447. 


What is it like being a woman in this industry?

The radio business is male dominated.  In most cases or events I am the only woman.  As a woman one has to work harder and speak louder.  The support of the men in the business is sometimes overwhelming.  They look after you as a sister.  It's like having a lot of big brothers.  


What's next for Biggs Radio?

Being the first Black female radio station owner in Indiana has given me more digital exposure, watching the station grow from one listener when we launched June 27, 2020, to breaking over 100,000 listeners in November of 2020. We would like to employ additional personalities, media representatives, sales and engineers. Bringing jobs to the Indianapolis area. http://www.biggsradio.com 


ASCAP - Sound Exchange Certified

317-384-5728 | dlbiggsservices@yahoo.com

License: WDLB-DB Indianapolis

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