365 Entrepreneur: Delightful Treats

Le'Deana Brown


Delight us with the story of Delightful Treats! 

My name is Aseisah Barton. I am the proud owner and operator of Delightful Treats LLC. I make desserts from scratch including but not limited to cakes, pies, cobblers, and cheesecakes. I loved watching Food Network and baking competitions as a kid. I knew I would always end up baking. I have been taking this time to come up with new ideas and recipes for the summer. I try to change my menu with the seasons. I’m hoping everyone will enjoy the new treats that will be released soon.


What are some creative ways you have seen others coping with the pandemic?

I saw my close friend and business partner make yard art with her event planning business Art Haus Balloon Company LLC. I thought things were hard for me but with parties canceled her business was at a stand still. I am very proud of my friend for making sure her business stayed afloat during this time. 


How can people support your business and place orders?

The community could support Delightful Treats by telling someone about me, leaving a recommendation on my social media pages if you have tried my desserts, and placing orders. I understand the virus has slowed down or stopped events but these things could still be celebrated with your family at home. 


Contact info?

My Facebook is Delightful Treats LLC and my Instagram is @delightfultreatsllc.

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