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Does Digital Radio Tracker monitor Terrestrial FM and Internet Radio? Yes, DigitalRadioTracker.com Inc. also known as DRT is a leading global internet radio monitoring company which tracks radio airplay of songs played on over 5000+ radio stations around the globe. These stations (major to independent) are comprised of an array of FM Terrestrial, Satellite and College as well as thousands of digital streaming radio stations.


Are independent artist able to sign up for DRT services? Yes, we specialize in working with independent artists. DRT is also utilized by labels, publicists, managers, promoters, radio station programmers, DJs, music industry executives and more! The global airplay data that DRT collects is very useful to artists and record labels because they can use the information to book shows and tours, set-up interviews, sell merchandise or promote their songs to other radio stations to secure more airplay. Artists and record labels can also use the airplay information to assist in collecting royalties on their music and increase their fanbase. Or they can use the data to develop promotional strategies and learn which markets to further promote and market their music. Before now, there was no other monitoring source providing this level of analytics for new independent artists and record labels to be able to monetize their brand.


Do artists or companies have to have their music encoded or finger-printed to be monitored by DRT? DigitalRadioTracker is the only monitoring company in the world that does not require any special encoding or fingerprinting. By using its proprietary software, DRT can track songs from the very first time it is played! Other monitoring sources cannot monitor a song unless someone sends the song to them to be encoded first. This is especially important as spins are often missed on songs. This can affect promotional strategies and royalties on a project. DRT has simplified the process in getting a song tracked. Simply get your song played at least one-time on any of the 5000+ stations that DRT monitors and a DRT file will be created on that song.


Does DRT have a charting system showing which artist are getting the most radio spins? Digital RadioTracker compiles data to produce nine weekly song charts. These charts are DRT Global Top 200, Top 150 Independent, Top 25 International as well as Top 50 Pop, R&B/Hip-Hop, Country, Gospel/Inspirational, Adult Contemporary, and Rock. We have published these charts consistently for the last 9 years. The DRT Charts are a great measuring tool on the amount of airplay exposure a song is receiving on a global level. Unlike other industry charts that simply focus on airplay in the U.S. DRT is compiling data globally from all different classifications of radio stations. Although we mainly focus on digital streaming radio, we also monitor a vast array of Commercial FM, Satellite and College Radio stations around the world. This has enabled us to give independent artists and labels a louder voice as they are receiving global airplay and representation on DRT Charts.


Does this help artists that are not known in the mainstream get more attention? One of DRT’s main goal is to level the playing field. We are building a strong community and giving a voice to the unheard. Prior to DRT, many smaller broadcasters did not get the recognition they deserved for breaking a great deal of music and exposing new talent. Often independent, new and developing artists are overshadowed by major recording artists and the politics of the music industry keeps them from receiving airplay recognition. 


How can DRT’s technology help the industry discover new talent? Some music executives study the DRT charts weekly to evaluate airplay trends and discover new talent. On the DRT Charts we have the artist Apple Music and Spotify links which enables the executive to quickly navigate and discover more about a particular artist. Record executives are also pulling up DRT Reports and looking at a song’s analytics to see the airplay trends and how an artist or song is developing.  


With a growing number of consumers turning to streaming as their number one source of music consumption how do you see the role of terrestrial radio changing? DigitalRadioTracker believes that the future of digital streaming radio is extremely bright. We are positioning DigitalRadioTracker to be an integral part of that world. Our goal is to be the leader in monitoring digital streaming radio globally. Although we love Terrestrial FM radio, the climate is changing and more individuals are turning to the options digital radio brings. Terrestrial FM has already started to expand their reach. FM Radio stations are streaming their station’s broadcast on their website as well as turning to major broadcasting networks to help increase their listening audience. They are starting to realize the local market which is their primary focus is no longer tuning into their FM signal. We live in a day and age where technology allows anyone to listen to radio stations around the world and not just their local terrestrial station.



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