365 Entrepreneur: Dubai Almighty

Le'Deana Brown


Describe the timeline of your evolution in the entertainment industry. I am Dubai Almighty. Formerly known as Big Deal Entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio. I started off doing marketing and promotion for clubs and artists all across the Midwest learning the business and behind the scenes. Now I’m working towards becoming a national recording artist through hard work and manifestation.


How has getting your start in Cincinnati influenced how you tackle the world? If you can survive the cold streets of Cincinnati you can tackle the planet! It’s hard coming from a city with no real outlets or local support, but it’s an untapped market so we get looked over a lot. It influenced me to work harder. We have a big influence on the industry from movie actors and producers. Cincinnati we lit for real!


Why is it important to you to unite the tri-state area? First off, I really be all through Ohio, Kentucky and Indy. I get much love in the tri-state. I’ve been working the market for years now. We have a uniqueness to our sound. It’s so diverse and creative. I feel once we support our own talent the world will catch on. The Midwest is one of the biggest consumer regions. We need to learn to recycle the dollar amongst each other.


What are the ways you help grow and support the people around you? I have showcases and local networking events to connect the dots in my tri state. I bring A&Rs and industry DJs. I’m also building awareness to artist ownership like royalties and publishing. 


What prompted your name change? I changed my name after I was released from prison too re-gain ownership of my brand. Plus I’m not the same person anymore. D.U.B.A.I. is an acronym for “Do U Believe Allah is Almighty? D.U.B.A.I. Almighty.


Who and what experiences have influenced you in your journey? Getting locked up made me realize that I have complete control over my decisions and I decided to win in life and not to depend on anyone. Sad to say but it is the absolute truth.


What’s next? Single dropping soon. “Steppin On Necks” featuring Kai Kenn and Kala Greens with production by tightgoincrazy. A few movie rolls and looking forward to the multi-million dollar offer inshallah!! Speaking it into existence.


How can people stay connected with you? Follow me on instagram @DubaiAlmighty  For booking and features @dubaialmightymusic@gmail.com or text 513-468-1919 



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