365 Entrepreneur: House of Color

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By: Lo the Don

365 Entrepreneur: House of Color

Day 103

What started as decorating for a friend’s baby shower has turned into a luxury event production company for creator Brittany Ayers.

What services or products does your business offer?

House of Color Event Production, LLC is a luxury event production company that specializes in sculpture balloon decor. We’ve decorated for corporate and special family oriented events.

What was the process like entering the industry?

It kind of fell into my lap.  Six years ago, I did balloon decor for a friend’s baby shower and from there everyone was asking for me to do balloons. I took the time to watch youtube videos to learn how to do them. Also, I used to do event productions for fashion show so I had prior knowledge.

How did you learn to master your craft?

I’m really big on training because anything I do I want to be the best in it. I have invested in training and mentors to help me succeed. 

What separates you from other balloon artists?

I know my craft. I am aware that balloons have become a trend but people have to really educate themselves on the science and infrastructure of having quality work. 

What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you’re going into any industry, you must know your industry. Even if you are not the best, you at least need to know others in your industry who are better or can help you get better. For instance, I am not good at twisting balloon animals but I can refer to someone who is great at it. 

Why did you become a 365 entrepreneur? 

It wasn't my ultimate goal but I knew I wanted to make money. So I went to school for business and got an accounting degree. Accounting ends up not being fun. I was not passionate about it. However, when I did balloons and realized I never felt like I was working. It was always fun so I knew this is what I wanted to do.

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