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365 Entrepreneur Day 44

IMG Nightlife

From college parties to concerts to comedy shows the evolution of the events by IMG Nightlife has consistently had one thing in common. The work speaks for itself. There’s a story behind the building of the brand and we got a chance to learn a little bit about it from Freshbuddy.

What is your most memorable event that you have done and why?
Starting off with a great question. To be honest they all are memorable and are an individual experience in their own whether good or bad. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my craft, so I’m always trying to learn from one event to the next. 
What made you decide you wanted to be an entrepreneur 365 days a year?
Big picture wise I think that goal of being independent and self sufficient was key, but overall I believe that a lot of it is just circumstances and/or a gift/skill.  
What was the process like of breaking into your industry?
WILD. Lbvs. So many reckless moves. We were young and probably shouldn’t have been doing events at that time. It was about the fun of it, and didn’t seem like a business. Then later as I shifted to bigger events that’s when the networking and relationships became really important. 
How has your industry evolved since you have gotten started? 
I think just like every other industry social media has affected it tremendously. Your reach is so much greater now, but from a customer standpoint their reach has as well. So John Doe might decide to drive 2hrs down to one of our events that they saw on social media and vice versa. Being efficient and effective in that world is vital in almost every industry today. 
Did you have a mentor? What did you learn?
Yes I did, but being young I probably didn’t listen enough in the beginning. Just thinking that I’ll figure it out myself. The biggest lesson is that it’s all about relationships and your name as a individual. You treat people accordingly and fair, and never jeopardize your name for a dollar. People appreciate and respect that. 
What was your biggest loss and what did it teach you?
That’s tough one because we don’t equate losses with finances because that’s a part of doing business overall. The biggest loss may be some of the business/personal relationships that come and go for whatever reason. 
What are you most proud of?
That we’ve been in the game for a long time with a great respectable name. That we’ve treated people right and always put our customers first. 
Do you have any tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs in your field? 
Don’t do it!! Just joking. The biggest tip that I can give anyone is to just follow your passion. Doing something just to make money only last for so long if you’re not truly passionate about it. And embrace the journey. 
How can we connect with your business? 
IMG Nightlife or Invincible Marketing Group on social media.

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