365 Entrepreneur: Jamar the Jeweler

Le'Deana Brown


365 Entrepreneur

Day 51

Jamar the Jeweler

Custom iced out pieces from neckwear to mouthpieces created in house in Indianapolis means going out of town is no longer the requirement for quality jewels. 


What type of jewelry do you make? I make all custom jewelry. You name it, I make it. Charm pieces, rings, and I specialize in diamond settings and custom gold diamond teeth and grills.


What was the first piece you made? The first piece I make was the “JUUG forever” charm pieces made for Yung Scoop Guala.


How have you improved since then? I have improved with communication, retuning calls, and diamond setting. I also have better equipment so the process of doing and finishing work is a lot easier and smoother. 


How did you develop your skills? From a great friend of mine. I was brought in as an apprentice jeweler under the wing of a master jeweler named Glenn Coleman aka “Tony.” He’s been on the bench for over 45 years and I was thankful to be the last student he taught. 


I’m sure you get the Johnny Dang comparison, can you tell us some of the similarities and differences? A lot of people compare my diamond teeth/grillz  to his work.   We both do everything in house. I have all respect for Johnny Dang and his work. He does very good work. I’m looking to bring the jewelry game to a new level and bring new ideas and designs to the jewelry world that’s never been done before. Stayed tuned in 2021. Mark my words. 


There’s a lot of collaboration amongst jewelers right? Who all have you worked with and who would you like to work with? Yes. Beside Tony I work by myself most of the time. Every piece I promote I personally made. I do have friends that reach out at times. Right now I’m just looking to better myself in my craft and fully master it. I hope to teach my son one day.


How much was the most expensive piece you have ever created?   A $63k charm and chain for King Knots. It’s one of my favorite pieces I made hands down.


Are you able to get the same quality diamonds that people can get going to Texas or other places outside of Indy for their jewelry?  Yes. The same if not better. I have a very well-known  diamond distributor in the jewelry industry and all of my diamonds are G.I.A Certified. I’m trying to show Indianapolis that they don’t have go out of town. We can make anything happen here. You name it and I can make it .

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