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For those who don’t know you, tell us about who you are and what you do?

My name is Kasi Patterson, born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I’m better known as “Chef Kill Everything” & I am the owner of Kasi’s Fresh & Mobile LLC. I was inspired to pursue cooking as a career my junior year of high school once I became the top student in my culinary class. This position awarded me the opportunity to study under the head Chef of a local country club.


What ways are you keeping busy, staying creative and still pushing your brand?

I have been taking advantage of my social media platforms, posting new content such as: “Killa Cookies” & “Salmon Sliders” to keep people interested in something fresh.


What ways are you practicing self-care?

I practice self care by staying prayed up & I strongly encourage everyone else to pray not only for themselves but for others as well in order to stay covered during this traumatic time.


What will you tell your grand children when they asked you what you remember most about the Coronavirus pandemic?

I will tell my grandchildren that I remember realizing how serious the pandemic was once I saw all the food & toilet paper in the grocery store was gone. LOL


What can people do to show their support to what you’re doing?

People can show their support by shopping with me, sharing my social media posts, and tipping/donating to the Chef.


How do we stay connected?

Join my Facebook group: Kasi’s Fresh and Mobile

Add my Facebook page: Kasi’s Fresh & Mobile

Follow my IG: Freshandmobile

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