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Le'Deana Brown


365 Entrepreneur 

Day 47

Leland Brown Sr State Farm


What made you decide you wanted to be an entrepreneur 365? After working in several different industries for someone else I wanted the freedom and ability to make my own choices. Like the ability to put in my own hours which freed me up to spend time with my kids at their events. I wanted the choice to create my own paycheck. I wanted the opportunity to be the best employer and teach my kids how employers should treat them. Also, it gives me other choices like bringing my family to work or creating a mascot for my business like my German Shepherd who travels with me to the office and most places.


What services does your business offer? Being a State Farm independent agent I provide over 100+ insurance and financial services that State Farm offers. Auto, life, homeowners, renters and bank products.


What are important things to consider when getting into this industry? Visit agents who are successful with State Farm and in the industry period. Be confident. You have to be able to sell yourself to the State Farm recruiting team. Be sure you want to be a business owner more than anything in this world. Keep an understanding of your “why” or reason for doing it. Entrepreneurship is best with buy in from your family. The people you value most need to be in alignment.



Tell us about a challenge you faced in entrepreneurship and what was the resolution?

A challenge I face as an entrepreneur is the endless battle of finding and keeping good quality team members to work with you. When you get good ones they generally go on to do great things elsewhere! The solution is getting folks that want their own business and are teachable. That willingness to learn will help them with their process of getting into the industry and setting their foundation.


What has been your greatest accomplishment in being a business owner? My greatest accomplishment is two-fold. One is helping my team members become successful agents themselves in the industry. Second is knowing that I was able to be a trusted advisor to my customers at putting their minds at ease when the time comes for them to need the services we have promised them.


Being an entrepreneur 365 how do you balance work life and personal life?

As a State Farm agent it’s basically a 24 hour job. That’s why you have to have buy in from your family and friends. Your balance comes from making it clear your customer has every option to get the service they want and need.  With knowing my customers have peace of mind, I do as well. My wife came to work with me at my agency and all my kinds have spent their time there so they have clarity.


Do you have any tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs?  I would try to get with a captive agent and become a team member and get the training on how to do the business. Being successful in an agent office builds confidence in your own skills. It also lets the powers that be know that you can handle the sales and the service! Developing the foundation of success being able to make it in a State Farm office means you can do it almost anywhere!


How can we connect with your business?

317-251-1400 and LelandBrown.net


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