365 Entrepreneur: Nicky Neptune

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Tell us about your style. My style is more causal, I love designer and love to coordinate. My clothing line Valid Collection is more streetwear and sportswear. I wear Valid to my performances and interviews for promotional purposes! Almost everywhere I go I make sure I have something Valid on. 


What is the origin of your name? Nicky came from a Gangster in a movie that I loved and Neptune came from the planet itself first off because I’m out of this world. In astrology, Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration and dreams. So basically, I’m a thug with good ambitions! 


Where are you from? I’m from Chicago, Illinois and I grew up in the south suburbs 20 minutes away from the city. 


What inspires the content of your music?

Life experiences inspire the content of my music! For instance, my song “I Sed it” was some real-life situations that I had when I was working a 9 to 5 and wanted more for myself!


What is one song that would give listeners an understanding of you if they only listened to one? The song that I would give the listeners to understand me is “Trap to Neptune” because it’s gives the listeners a view of my daily life. I hustle everyday all day and night for this lifestyle that I have!

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