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Tell us about your path to and role as a mental health coordinator. My name is Asia Ellis. I am a Naptown native. I graduated from Kentucky State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work and graduated from University Of Louisville with my master’s degree in social work. I am a mental health coordinator. I assist families with connecting to resources that they need in order to continue to live a happy and healthy life mentally, physically and emotionally. I also have a non-profit No Limits Mental Health Inc. which is geared towards increasing the overall mental health of those within our communities through events, social media posting, video podcasts and we plan to launch a YouTube in the near future. My goal is to not only assist people in increasing and maintaining their over mental health, but to increase positivity and strength in all areas of life no matter if it’s mentally, physically, relationships or even financially. I also have a published book on Amazon titled “Momology”. This book is geared towards assisting mothers with postpartum and getting back to their healthy self mentally, physically and emotionally with daily exercises, meal prep and motivational excerpts that can all be done in the community or the comfort of your own home.


Why mental health? I worked my way through college as a mental health tech on a psych unit as well as a behavioral health assistant working with adults who have mental disorders. These two employment opportunities opened my eyes to the serious need of mental health and self-care around me. I started to explore our communities and noticed people in need and I knew that I had to do something about it. I also had some experiences in my personal life where my own self-care and mental health was at an all-time low, I took time to nurture my mental and threw myself into self-care in order to pull myself out of that dark space. I knew that I had help those around me do that same.


What ways are you keeping busy, staying creative and still pushing your brand?

I have started doing “Self-Care Sundays” on my Instagram live where I bring on different people and topics for us to discuss as it relates to everyday life and mental health. I have also taken the time to take my website down and use this time to revamp and really plan instead of throwing my thoughts and money out there without a serious plan or platform. Self-Care is so IMPORTANT I cannot not stress this enough. I have to plan it into my day so that I make sure that I take some time for myself. I have been exercising, doing facials, hair treatments and some days nothing at all and I mean nothing literally sitting in silence in peaceful thoughts just to regroup.


What is your advice about therapy? I would say do not be afraid to seek help. That help could be just talking to family or friends. Asking someone to watch your child just for an hour, asking someone for financial help or even pursuing telehealth therapy. We all are going to experience or are currently experiencing different stressors during this time but is very important that we understand that it is okay to not be okay and that we have to utilize the people and resources around us in our times of need. If you are struggling mentally the best thing you can do is get out of your own head ! when I say this I simply mean talk it out, get your thoughts out because when we sit inside of our head we tend to dwell on anxious thoughts, past trauma, depression, sadness and the list goes on and on but the best thing that we can do for ourselves is to get those thoughts out through conversation. You could even start with journaling and then bring someone in on your thoughts and feelings when you are ready but do not go through the motions alone. IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY !


Contact Asia Ellis at  nolimitsmh@yahoo.com      Instagram: @_Adanya

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