365 Entrepreneur: Paupfly

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365 Entrepreneur: Paupfly

Day 86

Paupfly, hailing from Haiti, has hand built a studio on the westside of Indianapolis in an effort to create a bridge between cultures and unify his people regardless of what flag or street they rep. 


Words by: Solomon Ali

Photos by: Le’Deana


Haitian born, and now Indianapolis resident, hip-hop artist Paupfly is setting out to unify artists of all nationalities and genres. Pauply says, “You can’t be an artist and just be about yourself, you have to be about your people too.”


Paupfly begins this process of unification with his new studio and media center venture aptly named Paupfly Media. Paupfly Media is being built from the ground up and it will house not only a recording studio, but also a media center where it will offer an artist any resource that they will need in the production and marketing blueprints that are vital to the success of any aspiring and serious artist.


Paupfly is an artist that knows what it is like to go through the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of trying to break into the music industry. He is passionate about being a catalyst in connecting the international entertainment community. This project is expected to shed light on all nationalities under one roof.


Ground has already broken on the building process of the recording and media center and Paupfly looks to a completion time of early summer 2021. Paupfly says, “I want to bring something for our people, by our people. A black owned business.”


Be on the lookout for more updates and to reach Paupfly check out his contact info below.


Contact Paupfly via paupflymedia@gmail.com or connect with him on instagram @Paupfly.


Read more about @Paupfly here.

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