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365 Entrepreneur Day 16

Anthony Bellamy, Sr

Royal Realty Group LLC

An entrepreneur at heart, Anthony has been running his own business since the age of 8. His current focus is real estate. He lends his expertise to both helping people find homes and investment properties. 









What was your first entrepreneur experience? It was between selling candy or tshirts when I was 8 or 9 years old.

You’re an entrepreneur, real estate agent, and investor. Of all your titles, which one is your favorite? Entrepreneur. That puts no limit on the things I can do.

Do people have to pay to use a realtor to find properties? In most cases the realtor is paid by the listing party so the buyer doesn’t have to actually pay to utilize the services of a realtor, yet they get all the perks. The benefit of having a realtor is that you get to have someone that knows the business representing your interests.

As a realtor, are you able to help other people that want to be investors instead of purchasing a house as a residence? That’s the beauty of being a realtor and an investor is that I attract people that want to invest in properties. Some of them aren’t that experienced in it and sometimes when I see them I see myself when I first started. I typically tell them you have to have tough skin to be in this business. It’s not for the meek. I encourage them to stay with it and make themselves knowlegeable as much as they can. A lot of people can lose their shirts trying to get into the trend of flipping houses. Be diligent and hire a good agent that’s going to work hard for you such as myself. It’s a great business to get into.

Royal Realty Group

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