365 Entrepreneur: Shae Sparks

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365 Entrepreneur: Shae Sparks

Day 99

Being a young phenom ain’t easy but someone’s got to do it. No worries, Shae Sparks has it covered. To enter the music game as your own boss collecting your own checks as early as high school is definitely fuel to keep the entrepreneurship journey in motion. 


What’s it like being in high school and pursuing a music career?

I get a lot of support from my family being in high school and trying to juggle a rap career. I get a lot of support from my closest friend. It’s challenging sometimes because I want to work on my music, but I have to do homework. But I know how to balance it since I’ve been doing it for a while now.


What made you want to create a special song and dance about Warren Central High School?

We didn’t have any dance songs for the school at the time and we were coming out of a depressing state because we had lost some students to gun violence. I thought a fun dance to get the people moving and cheerful again would be perfect! I thought of the Warren Bop and I had the people dancing! People that don’t even go to Warren and alumni know about it. Creating the Warren Bop allowed me to do more things around my talent as well like write for the tv production studio for the announcements, create songs for them and just get my name out there. Now it’s at the point where the whole school knows Shae Sparks!


What’s it like having a teacher at your school that’s also a talented rapper like Skypp?

I actually have had him as a substitute for one of my English classes. He’s a great influence. He speaks about real topics. He’s a great influence on the city period. I found out he’s a rapper too and it made me connect more to him in my classes.


How can people get your new song?

My new single, “Young Phenom” is out on all streaming platforms now. It’s a very catchy song. Something for adults and kids to bop to. Just look up the name Shae Sparks and you’ll find me!


Instagram: @iamshaesparks

Facebook: Shae Sparks

YouTube: Shae Sparks

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