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For those who don’t know you, tell us about who you are and what you do? I am owner and operator of Sweet J’s Shoetique LLC, an online shoe boutique. I provide unique shoes for my Shoetique. I was inspired by the love I had for heels and styles. I happened to land into this business by researching shoes I actually wanted to buy from boutiques, but wasn’t ready to make that commitment. 


What ways are you practicing self-care?  I continue to take care of myself, I’m not a person who invades personal space even before the pandemic. So being mindful is what I tend to do. For those affected, I suggest those take good care of their body so in return it can take care of you. 


What can people do to show their support to what you’re doing? They can visit my website at Www.sweetjsshoetique.com, they can share my page, they can tune into TCKPodcast which is a podcast I currently sponsor streams from all platforms. My Facebook business page is Sweet J’s Shoetique and Instagram @sweetjsshoetique.



Facebook bus page.. Sweet J's Shoetique 
Instagram @sweetjsshoetique 

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