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Business: Indy Jars

Owner Name: DeAndrea Rayner

Business Operation Time: A little over eight months.


What inspired you to start your business?
I wanted to do something different. Something that no one else was doing. I was tired of working for other people and I was ready to put my all into something that I believed in.

What are some of your keys to starting a successful business?
Have a plan and believe in your product.

What were some of the obstacles that you have overcome?
Budgeting was a major obstacle at first as well as getting familiar with all of the legal documents that come along with starting a business.

Have you always been a good cook?
Yes, I went to culinary school at Chef’s Academy and I have always loved to cook and bake – it’s a stress reliever.

How did you acquire the desire to bake and cook?
My grandma inspired me to cook and bake. She made the best peach cobbler!

What is your favorite Indy Jar flavor?
Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake.

 What is the most popular jar among your customers?
Everyone goes crazy over the original strawberry cheesecake.


Contact Info:

Facebook and IG: @Indyjars

For inquiries: indyjars@yahoo.com

 Call/Text:  317-360-2206

 Services available in Indianapolis, Kentucky and Atlanta.



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