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Business: Makeup by Kie

Owner Name: Kiera Shannon, Makeup Artist

Business Operation Time: 4 years.


Purpose: Enhance what is already beautiful and create a loyal business relationship with clients.

What inspired you to start your business?
I have a passion for art and creating art. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and creating things.

What are some of your keys to starting a successful business?
Be able to accept, “No” but never allow that to stop you or your time, energy, mind and money. Have faith. Success doesn’t come easy and it gets difficult at times. Just know that whatever it is that you want, is yours. You just have to know that 100% and work for it.


What were some of the obstacles that you have overcome?
I am my biggest critic. There is always space for improvement but I am very hard on myself and I tend to compare my work to other great artists. However, I’ve channeled my focus in on myself, my craft and my success. Things are beginning to manifest.

Do you like to create bold looks or do you prefer something classically/naturally beautiful?
I enjoy bold looks because they’re always so much fun to create but you can never go wrong with a natural glam.

What is currently in your makeup bag?
A few of my must haves are my Anastasia Beverly brow products, L.A. Girl pro concealer, Tarte cosmetics clay eyeliner and a BOMB lippie.


Contact Info:

 IG: @Makeupbykie

 Text:  317-679-7837



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