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Business: Animation Art Studio

Owner Name: Amber Michelle Harper, better known as AMH. Piercing Specialist.

Business Operation Time: 3.5 years

Purpose: Providing body piercings, tattoos and consultations to clients.


What inspired you to start your business?
Creativity and individuality inspired me to be a piercing specialist. I love the uniqueness and individual representation that the diversity of jewelry and different piercings give people. And I love being able to be the one creating that.

What are some of your keys to starting a successful business?
Persistence, innovation, and HARD WORK. People make the mistake of thinking that working for yourself means you get to choose your own hours. The fact is: when you work for yourself, you don't get ANY hours! At this point in my career, I am my business. So if I'm not working, my business is closed. I put in very long hours, and I make sure that I continue to grow and keep myself knowledgeable in my field.

What were some of the obstacles that you have overcome?
The only obstacle that I have overcome is myself. The only thing that has ever been in my way was me. No situation or person has ever felt "bigger than me". Even as a child I felt super. Like I could do anything that existed if I tried. I have always felt that way. Although, I would get in my own way sometimes. I use to be very self-aware and pay too much attention to how I might look if I did something or said something. Now, I truly just do it. I follow my heart and I attack my desires!

What about body modifications do you like to give your clients insight on before they get a piercing?
I like to make sure that my clients have a full understanding before-hand, of how to care for their piercing after it is finished. I also like to make sure my client is very aware of the piercing they are getting and the jewelry we are using.

What makes you different from other piercing artists?
I think there are three things that separate me as an artist period.
One is that I am never satisfied. My continuous goal is to be better than me.

Two is helping to build up others, the same way someone helped me. People neglect to pay attention to how important it is to help other people. I am not afraid of creating another me. I currently have an apprentice, JGee, and she is going to be incredible! She's so open to learning and I am filling her with every bit of knowledge that I have. I am showing her everything that I know and making sure she knows that she is great. And will be greater! I am also an apprentice myself; learning to tattoo, under the instruction of Amani Tre Niner. I HEAVILY admire him and refer to him as my "Sensei" often. He's taught me a lot and he is a truly enlightening super human!

Three is that I am still a fan. I am a fan of other artists, even if they do the exact same thing I do. I appreciate the amazing things that people do.


What is your favorite piercing that you have had? And what’s your favorite piercing to do on someone else?
My favorite piercings to do are Microdermals; I love them! My favorite piercings on myself, are my four nostril piercings. I know that's more than one, but they are a set and love them all four collectively.

Contact Info:

IG: @ItsMe_AMH
Facebook: AMH
Email: AHarper812@gmail.com
Location: Body Animation 6729 E. 38th St. Indianapolis, IN




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