365 Entrepreneur: Bell Darris

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365 Entrepreneur: Bell Darris

Day 85

You’ve never really heard and felt an instrument sing to you until you’ve heard Bell Darris on her violin. She’s can play traditional classical music if needed, but her specialty is current hip hop and R&B. Even most recently, Bell has been using her gifts to encourage black love creating date nights complete with a violin serenade with her latest venture Bubble Lux.


Did your parents know you would be musically inclined when they named you Bell? Bell is my grandfathers last name. He was a business man who owned several night clubs, candy stores and he really took care of his family. I named my stage name after him because he taught me a lot.

How did you get started with the violin? Both my parents are musicians. My mother play piano she still currently plays at the church. My dad is a guitarist and film maker. He plays with bands all around the world. My parents said I asked for the violin for Christmas after seeing someone play it on tv. I don’t remember this story. But I’ve played since 3rd grade. I have toured, played in bands, opened up for Tamela Mann, Bobby Valentino and several other national artists.

How would you describe your sound? I started rapping in 3rd grade too. My rap album is called Saved by Da Bell dropping March 2016 along with my book “Keep Ya Head Up!” My sound is unique, heartfelt, soulful, dope. I actually write songs for myself and other artists. I love creating music. I like to talk about real subjects, tell stories and connect with the audience on issues we all have faced.

Congrats on the anniversary of your event mic check open mic! How do you keep it going? My success with Mic Check comes from staying consistent, having a loyal fam base (we are family-the support is real) and always networking and meeting new people. I love how Mic Check has brought so many people together from artist collabs, to connecting producers and videographers with artists to actual couples who have gotten married. It’s a blessing to bring people together.

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