Quarantine Queen: Brook Nation Official

Le'Deana Brown brook nation official

We have watched you evolve yourself into a brand over time. How did you know it was time to turn your side hustles into a business? My side hustles started to take over my main hustles. My main hustles started to take over my life. So, I took the time to see how I could manage all 3 into 1 business. I knew it was time once the people started looking for what I had to offer them. People were ready to shop with me before I even had product or merchandise of my own. My supporters motivated me. Sometimes you just need that little push to get started. I’m here to tell you, “Make it happen! You can do it!” I did!


How did being quarantined due to the Coronavirus pandemic impact your business? COVID 19 effected my business in many ways such as it did other businesses both big and small. Receiving packages on time was the worst for me! Not ever knowing when or where your product will arrive or not being able to go to pick it up makes it difficult to communicate with clients who are expecting their merchandise! There is nothing worse than expecting something on time then it never comes at all. But again people, communicate is key!


What are some of the services and/or products that you offer? I offer multiple services! I’m glad you asked! Everything from event hosting to photo shoots, license photos, brand ambassador, print modeling, special appearances and more. I also carry @Brooknationofficial_ beauty products on hand. Rose waters, body shimmers, lip glosses, “Bag Lady” clothing materials. You name it, I got you!


What’s it like to go from wearing everyone else’s brands to seeing people wearing yours? Going from simply modeling and taking photos for other brands, to finding models, photographers, MUAS and hair stylists are definitely two different scenarios. It takes a lot I’ll say, but it can definitely be done ! The first time I seen someone in the mall with my “Bag Lady“ suit on I yelled in excitement “OMG that’s mine I made that!“  I was so happy for me. Now when I see my brand I’m humble, yet still excited. I have plans for my products to be everywhere so I told myself, “Get used to seeing what you created more often!” I’m definitely grateful.


Words by: @LeDeana       

Photos by: @TakenByKO

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