Le'Deana Brown boutique cover hat kings lynhurst story

By: Angelique Bryan

How did you get started doing Hat Kings?
I actually bought the business. Some may remember that Hat Kings used to be a store on 38th and Lafayette Road. I bought the business from a guy named Antonio Lisenbee. Adrian Bannon introduced us and I just carried it on from there. Since then we moved the store to Lynhurst Road and more recently upgraded to a larger location and increased our inventory!

What are the challenges and rewards you have experienced as an entrepreneur?
Challenges are just maintaining the business and adversities. I was just in a wheelchair last September. So dealing with my health issues and running a business. As far as rewards, the best ones yet to come. My kids really motivate me to keep going every day.

What prompted the transition from only doing custom hats to integrating clothes?
Hats were good, but I needed more to go with the hats. I wanted to become a real boutique. I wanted everything besides just hats. We now have different kinds of streetwear such as shoes and clothes. We offer brands such as Dallas, Fresh Goods, Golden Denim, Dope Couture and a few local brands

What is unique about the hats in your store?
They are custom hats, not hats you could find at LIDS or any place like that. Most of our hats are more exclusive than the other hat stores and the brands that they carry. Most of our snapbacks are rare quality. Ours come with pendants, there’s gold in some places, leather in some places. All of our hats come with hat shields which is good because it protects the front of the hat where the logo is. It also keeps it from bending easily.

Congratulations on the move! the new store is also a venue. What kind of events do you have there?
We have album releases, day parties, and sometimes matinees. We are thinking about getting a pit for bonfires. We have a Christmas party, Friday, December 23rd. We are also taking preorders on Jordans. We are doing a coat drive where people can bring in new or used coats, and we are doing a toy drive for Christmas. Also, we are a veteran owned business and we support veterans so they get 10% off.


933 Lynhurst Dr
Indianapolis, IN

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