COVER STORY: Keke Taught Brooklyn Queen

Le'Deana Brown brooklyn queen

By: Angelique Bryan

When you say KeKe taught you in your new single.... who is KeKe?
That’s just a made-up character for the song.

Would you say you have more of a passion for singing or dancing?
I would say singing because I can perform like singing or rapping and dance while doing that but I would rather make songs than go out and dance.

Do you draw a lot of inspiration from your mother or are you focused on shining in your own light?
I’m more focused on shining in my own light. She helps me write some of my songs too.

Do your parents stay on you to make sure the content you put out is age appropriate?
Yes, they do.

What is your favorite dance craze?
The #KekeTaughtMe challenge.

How do the younger people nowadays determine which dances are the hottest or most popular?
Social media does most of it, like whatever is trending on social media trends everywhere.

How did you decide what dance moves to put in your song Keke Taught Me?
I just chose what dances that I know how to do and what goes with the beat and what dance moves make the most sense to put together.

Has music always been your dream, or do you have other dreams you want to pursue as well?
I like modeling, acting and dancing too. I would like to focus more on acting. I like Broadway, and TV shows kind of like Disney Channel.

What is your routine when preparing for a show?
Just like, run through what I’m going to do. And I pray before I go on stage

What motivates you to perform in front of people and do you ever get nervous?
No I do not get nervous not even a little bit, it just comes natural. Its second nature. I like it so much now and it’s a habit.

Do you have any work in progress with other artists from your label, BMB Records?
Not at the moment, I plan on working with Dre Butterz and Que 9. “Keke Taught Me” and all my singles are on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!


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