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What’s special about your new project

It’s a new sound. It’s more of me in my bag. When I first started I was kind of trying rapping. Now I’m learning my sound. It’s me getting to feeling myself.


Your previous single was “Freak” and from social media you went from talking about I need a freak to I want a boyfriend. Explain the change.

I went from I need a freak to, I want more than a freak. I want a freak+ which is basically a freak plus a friend. I want a vibe. I’m craving for a feeling I haven’t met yet. I need someone to match my vibe and that’s down for the cause. A vibe is like, when I come around, I can feel it.  Authenticity plays a major role in that. I feel like I have a sixth sense. I can feel the energy when people aren’t being authentic. I don’t want that around me. Then I have to fake with you and I don’t wanna fake it. Money is always a plus, but there’s no dollar amount that defines what’s real. The vibe counts more than that. I feel like I’m going to be rich anyway, so I need something genuine from the come up.


What’s your current single?

It’s called “Freaky Tales” and it’s a remake. I’m old school and I know some of the new school may not be hip to it, but I put my sound on it.


What is your love for twerking about and how did you learn?

I have a fetish for twerking. It’s not about attention. I just cannot stop twerking. It’s like I’m listening to music in my head. It’s an exercise, it gives you energy. It’s a thirst trap for sure, but that’s what us girls do. The dance I do, my mama used to do. But back in the day I didn’t know what she was doing. Growing up I was in dance teams and we always twerked. I was a waitress at Pure Passion. I learned I could get paid from it at Twerk it Tuesday. I used to see the girls that weren’t dancers get on stage and get paid for one night. I was like I can do that too! I do that at home! I got on stage and made a bankroll and I haven’t stopped since.


What is your strategy to stand out amongst a lot of girls with the same goals of making it music?

Watching other girls, there’s a big similarity between all of us. I don’t watch others to judge, I’m watching to learn. Comparison is pointless, I’m the shit in my own world period. I don’t see anybody else. It’s not hard to stand out when you’re outstanding.  I know I get received different away from home. At home everyone watched me grow, so they feel like I need to prove something. Out of town they don’t know me so they act solely on being attracted to me and my talent.


In a time when sex trafficking and more women coming out telling stories of being violated by men, how do you protect yourself?

I’ve been violated before. Not off the clothes I was wearing. I don’t have a big frame, but I have a nice shape. I’ve looked like this since I was 15 and 16. Back then guys thought I was older. Not because I’m so mature, but I’m player. I have had older guys try to get with me, but I admit I was being fast. I was out when I wasn’t supposed to and ended up in situations. What you wear isn’t going to be the reason you get attacked. You’re a target if you have on a sweater. I don’t live in fear. I trust my intuition and leave from vulnerable situations.


Do you have any advice to girls that follow your moves and music?

I’m grown. Wait until you get of age to participate in my movements. I’m working on my lyrics for the younger crowd. Stay in school or get a hobby and learn how to get paid off it. I’m not selling sex. I’m being myself, perfecting my craft and displaying my talents and people think that’s sexy. I would tell the girls don’t worry about these boys. I can be sexy because I’m not focused on men. I’m doing it for me and the men like it. You don’t have to show your skin to get attention. A lot of men like me for my ambition and drive. But ultimately, it’s not up to them. Just because they choose to like me doesn’t mean I have to choose to be with them. And I don’t set my mood or pick my clothes to please anyone else. Some days I might be in a bathing suit, some days I might be in a full jogging suit.


I get that my persona is freaky. I recognize that I have a mixed age group of followers. I want to explain that I’m genuinely just being myself. Over time I will grow and be able to be a role model. Right now I’m learning myself and exploring the world. I’m not trying to be nude, I just don’t like clothes! I’m loving the skin I’m in. I wish it was summer all the time! Just because I’m freaky, doesn’t mean I’m freaky with everybody. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but be free to like what you like and read it.




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