COVER STORY: Que 9, the future of BMB

Le'Deana Brown bmb que que 9

You’ve been around music your whole life right? How does it feel to be so young and having successful music and even making money from your hard work? I was always around music all day every day and I still am to this day. I feel like I’m doing something positive to make money instead of doing wrong to make money.

Being from Detroit can be tough, how has the area you grew up in played a role in your success? Just making me become the person I am today, not like being broke, but just always being myself. My neck of the woods taught me a lot, but it’s still the same there. I still talk to the same people. They taught me to always stay true to myself and never change, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

What is it like working with up and coming artists like NiaKay? It’s fun working with people my age because we can learn from each other. You can teach something to them and they can teach you some things. That was fun. I never taught nobody how to dance and was never taught by somebody my age so it was a lot of fun.

Is it harder to focus on school while you have a lot going on with your career, how do you make school a priority? Well I’m home schooled now so it’s way better and I can travel with my homework. I don’t get unfocused because I always have people on me about it. I miss school all the time but if I went to school I wouldn’t be able to make music so I feel this is what’s meant to be.

Would you say social media fuels your buzz with everybody getting online? Yea I think it’s easier to push music out, because it’s instantly out there. If you think about it the internet is addictive. So, when I put a sweet song out there it’s going to fly because everybody on the internet 24 hours a day any way.

Living such a fast-paced life, how do you maintain your childhood? Whenever I work a lot they always make sure we go do kid stuff. We do kid stuff no matter what. In the summertime, I bring my closest friends along with me. I make sure they go with me so I keep good people around me. Most of my friends want to be rappers anyway. I want to put some of them on too.

Since motivation for others and empowering others is one of your main focuses as an artist, how do you plan to always execute that? By going out and actually meeting people. Just talking to people over the internet, like telling somebody to tell them something it’s not always going to stick. I be going to schools and talking to people face to face.

What projects are you currently working on? I’m working on my EP, The Outbreak which is coming out soon. We four songs in so once we get that finished, we will get that out immediately. I will be on promo tour and if you want me to come to your city let me know!


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