Sound Check: Maxie From Naptown (Bag Season Edition)

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On Saturday, October 25, 2021, Maxie From Naptown released his latest album “Bag Season”. Maxie sits down with us to talk about his latest project & his tour. 

Let’s get right to the music. Bag season went from Yung Tone to Grown Man Maxie. Tell us about the growth in your sound. 

With each album, I grow as far as topics, lyricism, vibes, productions, my tonality, and my voice. On Bag Season, I allowed Geechie to guide me into a great direction. He wanted a certain sound. He came with the beats and I came with the lyrics. He wanted a certain type of song. It came together. You know it’s growth.

What did it take to curate Bag Season? How long did it take you to put this album together?  

Geechie and I had been working on Bag Season for a little under a year. We had it prepared for 3/17 day this year. We could’ve dropped it then, but we held off.  I didn’t want to drop it unless it was a special day. So, I gave it to Indianapolis as a gift like a birthday gift. I dropped it on 9/25, which is my birthday. We just wanted something different. He wanted Super Maxie type bars, spitting Napghanistan-ish feel, but we took it all the way there with the beats and the style of beats. I wouldn’t say it was super east coast, but kind of. My lyrics were right on point. I would say Geechie definitely curated this project. Shout out to Geechie Master Flex. He led the way with the direction.

You gave some love to our Afro-Latinos with “Gotta Get It” especially with the release of your album during Hispanic Heritage Month. What inspired you to release that song? Do you have any Latino artists you admire?

I wouldn’t say it was purposely dropped, but God works in mysterious ways. That’s pretty tight that there is something there with that. I been trying to get it for awhile. We released it years ago, but this is like a re-flip on it. This time we got beat tracked out. Geechie produced it. So, we just tracked the beat out and molded the hook a little different this time. So, the Latino bounce comes in a little bit early on the hook. That’s one of my favorites. As far as teaming up with a Latino artist, I really don’t know too many Latin artists, but I am not opposed to working with anybody. I love making great music PERIOD. So, that would actually be pretty dope.

Watch the rest below:


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