First Round Draft Pick: SKdotP

Le'Deana Brown addicts bomg bonafide boyz chii indiana maggie marseyano play quan skdotp skip stage track

Words by: Angelique Bryan

What does the name SKDotP stand for? It’s just me. I got my name a while ago playing basketball and it was Skip. And you know the saying, ‘dot your i’s and cross your t’s?’ Instead of doing that I put a clever twist and dotted my whole name instead of just my “i” and started going by SKDotP, just because I’m creative like that. But, I do have another project I’m working on right now. SKDotP is going to be the title of it, and that stands for Smoking Kush Drinking on that Patron. Or, you can look at it as Skip Killing Dees Other Typical People, it’s all kind of ways you can look at it.

How has acting taken you to the next level and what has it done for your career as a rapper? I did the stage play Maggie and I’ve gotten a lot of love from that. A lot of places I go now people recognize me not just from my music, but my acting too. Maggie went way further than I expected. I was actually supposed to get a small role, but something happened and they ended up giving me the lead role. I wasn’t ready for that yet! It was new, but it was a good experience and I’m glad I did it. I feel like I’m not a rapper, I’m an entertainer. I can be in a room and not be rapping but I can entertain the whole room. I’m just a cool guy like that.

What is the name of your group? I was rocking with a clique called the Track Addicts and people kept getting the name confused. When we kept telling people we were from Indiana people kept calling us Damn Indiana Boys and it kind of just stuck. B.O.M.G. is a team of solo artists, engineers and producers with the common goal of making great music and earning respect and recognition nationally in our fierlds. We have become family.

What projects do you have coming out that we need to look for? The Lost Tapes is coming out early 2017 and I plan on dropping SKDotP (Smoking Kush Drinkin on that Patron). Besides that my homeboy Quan Chii is dropping Back to the 90’s. Also, Bonafide Marseyano just dropped The Exit Strategy. As far as acting goes, I’ve got a play coming up in mid-March. It’s going to be playing every weekend in March and it’s called Killadelphia. It happens to be a gospel play, but it’s a lot of gangster stuff, if that makes sense. I appreciate all the love and support. Just stay tuned man and and watch out for the kid. I’m here to stay, I’m not playing. 2017 is ours. I don’t even like to say mine because my whole squad is going to show out this year fasho. It’s not about me it’s about the whole squad. #B.O.M.G. @SKDotP

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