1st Round Draft Pick: Tone Trapper

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What do we get to know about Tone Trapper when listening to your music? I rap and I sing. So all of my projects are a mixture of both and letting the listener get to know me personally. My sound is all me, I ain’t trying to be like nobody else. I don't try to be all gangster. I touch on a little bit of everything in my music. The lead single from Straight from the Gutter is called “Run the Streets.” This CD was supposed to be out July, but I ended up gettin shot so I pushed it back.

This summer? So it was a pretty quick recovery! Yea. It was pretty quick. You know, people hating, on what I got and they can’t get it. You know just being me, I’m kind hearted, I do a lot for a lot of people.

Why do you think it always ends up being somebody close to you? That’s the only people that can get close to you. I don’t worry about strangers, you have got to worry about the people that are close to you. I touch on that in my song “New Love.”

Tell me about the song “New Love” because I woulda thought it was gonna be a love song! Nawwww uh uh. New Love is the hate that people give me. I call that New Love, you feel me? That’s the whole meaning of the song, because they’re going to hate on you regardless.

Facebook: Tone Trapper
Instagram: Trapper_Tone.

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