First Round Draft Pick: Eric Washington's Maggie

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Words by LaToya Hinkle


So, “Damn Maggie!” Is she a real person that went through this life changing scenario contracting HIV from her cheating boyfriend and all the drama that follows? Or is this story telling to teach and educate people about protecting themselves? Maggie is a fictitious character that I made up to be a star of the whole Maggie series. Since Part 1 of Maggie I have had people coming up to me telling me that this is their story, or someone they know’s story whether it be their mom, uncle, cousin, or friend so Maggie has touched a lot of people.

Was #Maggie originally intended to be a stage play or how did that develop? It’s crazy because I was talking to my lil brother one day and we was going back and forth when I was first planning out Maggie and I let him hear it and I told him this is going to be huge! I’m going to get out here and grind, get so many people to get into it and start a movement, do a movie, and stage play! At the time I was just joking but after dropping Part 1 it generated so much buzz that I asked myself,“Why not make it a stage play?”

What’s next? I’ve Got so much going on its crazy! Beauty shop opening up “Maggie Salon”, stage play coming July 30th I’m doing through Maggie, The Maggie Foundation. Women’s Empowerment Series March 12th in St. Louis, MO that I will be speaking at and making sure I’m staying consistent and pushing my music out and giving my supporters everything that they deserve for supporting me.

Who is Eric Washington aka Weez for anyone who doesn’t know you personally? Eric is just a coo guy. A family and goal oriented person. I am a God fearing, driven, ambitious man with 2 children that he loves most importantly.

My album will be dropping soon “Return to Sender” It’s so serious and I’m geeked about it because it gets to show my versatility. Maggie is light and people think Maggie is really something, I appreciate the love and support but as far as lyrics are concerned I so much more to me than Maggie actually shows and I’m really anxious to get these singles out for my album because it’s going to really show a different side of me that I think people would really want to see and love.

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Add Maggie’s personal page on Facebook: Maggie Washington
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