First Round Draft Pick: Tanay Jackson

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Where are you from? All over the Unites States but I rep Maryland.

How long have you been on the music scene? 7 long years. I’ve won awards, done major news interviews, topped the hip hop R&B college charts, was named a Playboy Playmate, and completed 6 music videos to my singles.

You have a different kind of pop infused R&B style. How did you land on this genre? I don’t like the norm. I like to experiment when it comes to music. R&B is my background but I like to mix it with other things to see what I can invent.

Were you trying to create a lane or is it a fusion of any certain artists you looked up to? I look up to a few artists, but like I said it’s me just creating something different.

You do a lot of dancing in your videos. Do you create your own choreography? Do you write your own music? I started off as a writer and I create my own choreography along with my dancers.

While Jackson is a common last name, when it comes to music, most people’s first thought especially in the Midwest is the famous family from Indiana with that name. Any relation? Right now I want to continue to concentrate on my own career and name and not focus on the family trying to hate on my accomplishments but I wish them well in all their endeavors.

What has been your biggest challenge about moving into the music industry? Well, it’s a male dominated industry so being a woman is tough. The entertainment industry is a dog eat dog world and it’s vicious. Believe me. I could write a book from the things I’ve went through in this business.

What’s the accomplishment you’re most proud of so far? Just being able to get in this business on my own without the help of my father.

If people had to get their first impression of you off only one of your many songs and videos, what would you tell them to check out first and why? “Addicted” is the song and video on YouTube that shows my sassiness and fun side. I’m a sassy and playful girl sometimes.


By: Le’Deana Brown

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