First Round Draft Picks: El Swaggador

Le'Deana Brown el swaggador

You started on your rap career pretty young right? Me and my guys started a group called Crazy Crazy Ent back in 8th grade. It was me, Yung Ace the Foo Foo, Coop, BabyGreg and Yung Cruiz. We were doing major things but playing around with it at first. We were singing on the mic and using autotune. But we really started taking it serious when we made this one song, called “Westside Walk” that got the whole city’s attention. We were facebook stars before Instagram and all that came out. I stopped because the street stuff got in the way and we went separate ways. I kept writing for years, but I wasn’t really going to the studio recording. My rap name in middle school was Yung Swagg. My dude Rod, Yung Ace the Foo Foo called me that because he said I had the silliest swag he’s ever seen. I wish I could give y’all the YouTube links. My friend Rod passed away before the fourth of July. Two weeks before he passed away he changed his name from Yung Ace the Foo Foo to RBM Rome. He changed the whole YouTube page and put it on private. He said he wanted to start brand new. I wish I could tell him right now to take it off private cause they gotta see that! Our history together, our chemistry, our work ethic was just unexplainable.

Exit Yung Swagg, enter… El Swaggador. I feel like I had to take the Yung out of my name because I grew up. I wouldn’t say I’m by myself because I have a team. A solid team of real solid stand up dudes. We go by the name of Twist, Turn, Burn. TTB. I have them behind me and we are all trying to make a way with this music, our business and clothing following the blueprint Nipsey Hussle put out. We studied him way before everybody knew about him in the Midwest. He was really teaching game before he passed. We studied and decided to come together to make a move.

Is your family your inspiration in music and business? My family plays the main part. They’re the main characters in this whole journey that I’m going on. My family just recently witnessed a tragedy with my father passing November 30, 2018. We’ve just been trying to cope with that and make things make sense keeping our heads above water. They really make me grind and go hard for what I do and what we have because my family is depending on me. My dad was really the backbone. The structure of the whole family. I have to pick up where he left off. It motivates me to do the best I can.

What can we look for from you in terms of current projects? I have a project called “Bag Talk” on all media platforms. I have a compilation with my team called Twist, Turn, Burn the mixtape. That’s on all the platforms as well. Bales and Scales just dropped. It was solely mixed and produced by BaleBoy Geechie.

We love Jada Luv! What’s she been up to? Jada Luv is ready to get back in the studio! She took a break to focus on school. This is her first year. She’s in kindergarten. I had to get her used to that first then we can get back to the business. But she’s been writing and creating songs and asking to go back in the studio. She has a lot coming. For now look for Jada Luv “Gucci” on apple music and watch the video on YouTube. She’s the hottest little kid out right now!


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