First Round Draft Picks: Pak Sayjak

Le'Deana Brown

What is PAK short for? My homies used to call me Pakistan. We used to beat on the lunch tables freestyling and that’s the name they gave me. I chopped it down to PAK. I guess it’s cuz when it came to rhyming, making beats or whatever I was war ready, never backing down.

How have you evolved since beating on the lunch tables? When I started off I did a lot of freestyling to myself. I do a lot of writing. I think I evolved from all the experiences. I’m originally from Marion and raised in Anderson. I’ve been in Nap since 2003. Where I’m from it’s a small town with no outlets. Me and my bro came here for more opportunities. We have done a lot of performances, a lot of opening act opportunities and also free shows. We’ve seen a lot. Making mistakes has helped me learn and build.

Moving around in different cities I’m sure you have made a lot of connections, right? We’ve connected with both big name people and people in the neighborhoods. I feel like connecting with people in the community is important. I want to be successful then bring it back to where I came from. My main goal is to push my music and explore the business of it. I want to give everyone the opportunity to hear it. I feel like we have been deprived of access to the information on how to get our music out. Whatever information I gain I want to share it.

What kind of music do you make? I make music about what I come from, what me and my people have seen, what we’ve gone through. Our losses and our gains. If it’s something I feel deeply about I will speak on it. There hasn’t been too many times I have felt like I wish I hadn’t said certain things. I always think things out as I put them on paper. People may feel like I’m being too arrogant but that’s a part of the music. You have to be that way sometimes. But truthfully I want to let people know who I am when they’re listening to my music. It’s me pouring out my heart and my ideas.

Are you more into being the artist or the art of creating the music? The art of creating.. I don’t have to be the star but I am my own product. Whatever position I feel is best for me I accept it. Whether it’s the music or the business I will accept my role. My album is called “Anti-SociaL” because that's my personality. I'm observant. I'm an Introvert. I’m not big on getting attention and I'm not big on being out my comfort zone. Its funny but I still get nervous before I perform and I’ve been doing this for some years. Either way I still give it my all and still love the grind it's not an easy job.

I thank everyone that helped me with this project; Illy Octane, RoRo, Tony Cleveland, B-Swift, London Dior, Nelia, BeatGod Tron, BeatGod Trouble, TeeTime, Maja7th, Joey French, Draco McCoy, and Purpz thank you all for being accessible. Everybody isn’t accessible! To Rich Harvest Ent, Azmyth Recording and New Wave Music. Thank you to those that been there since day one and everyone who supports my music. My Cuz T-Low told me if I'm gonna do it to put my all in it. So for him I'm gonna do it right, invest myself in what I love and share what I learn with the world. God willing..


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  • Cali Be Rich on

    Pak & Illy Octane Are 2 Of The Most Diverse People, I Know In Indianapolis 2 Different Styles But I’ve Actually Got A Chance To Only Work With One Of Em… But Even Then The Vibes They Give Off Are Extraordinary Pak Is An Outstanding Artist But I Know For A Fact If You Was Too Ever Hear Him And Illy Octane On A Track You Would Honestly See The Light They Can Bring Too People Or Even Out of Person. I Love The Fact He Knows How Too Study A Beat And Writes Too It And Uses Everything Around Him To Build And Create A Song.

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