Lil Indiana on Upscale Trapping

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Indiana is a big state full of a lot of artists, so how did you come to be the one to call yourself Indiana? I call myself Lil Indiana because I feel like I’m different from a lot of the artists that’s in here. It’s a lot of talent where we come from, but I just feel like I single myself out differently. I feel like I have the swag, the face, the look of Indiana. I’m Arlington bound, but I’m Indiana. I’m representing for everybody.

Now to someone that’s not in Indiana, how do you describe the Indiana swag or style? Really just getting the money and staying to yourself. Just do you and your thing. I’m just me, just a real person. I have some singing songs, I have some gangster songs, but most of all I’m a trap n*gga.

How is that reflected in the music? Right now, I’m working on “Arlington Bound II.” This is all my trap music because that’s what I’m going through right now in my life. But I’m trying to do something different so, I’m working on two CD’s at the same time. Which is “Arlington Bound II” and “All About the Business.” I’m going to drop “Arlington Bound II” first because I’m trying to get this trap stuff out the way. Then I’m going to show the world a whole different Lil Indiana style, which is an upscale trap n*gga. Now I’m talking about how I’m out here handling business other than in the trap house. It’s like having one foot in and one foot out, you feel me. I’m trying to be suit and tie n*gga but at the same time I’m still trapping. I’m about to stop the trap stuff because right now we are doing good, we are trying to stay on this good path, open these businesses, and rap about that type of stuff. I’m just trying to show people that we can rap about and do other stuff. Especially being a young black male out here.

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