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What is “Hit the Line” about? A few years ago my close cousin Briton who went by the name Gunna...ended up taking his life. That truly devastated me. I’ve never been an emotional person... and I’ve never dealt with close loss like that. Especially when I don’t have anyone to kill as revenge. I sunk into a really dark place and I looked to drugs to cope... I wrote the song, “Hit the Line.” When you first listen to it you think it’s a song about a relationship issue. But in all actuality it’s about the use of cocaine and synthetic marijuana and dealing with loss and depression. I want to bring awareness to suicide prevention. Rest in peace Gunna and Boona. Y’all untimely deaths will always affect me. I’m a changed man for the rest of my life.

When they look you up they may find things other than music right? I’m a freak. I’m into everything except things going in my rectal cavity. Me and my ex put a minute and a half clip of us doing a rim job which got like 37 million views. I’m all about shock value. People just like looking at me naked and talking about me.…Hopefully that can translate into sales and streams.

What does you’re into everything mean? I’m not one of those dudes that’s homophobic. I don’t like crashing regular girls that’s too easy. I wanted a challenge, so I thought maybe if I target the lesbians that will make me feel like I’m doing something. I really only mess with studs and trans men. People think that’s gay and technically it is but I don’t care. Gay people run the world.



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