First Round Draft Picks: Super Certified Bros

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“My rap name is Nuk which is an acronym for Naps Underground King. Now I’m not saying that I’m above anyone I’m better than anybody or nothing like that but I’m from Indianapolis so I had to correlate that somehow, I’ve always felt like I had lots of talent but never wanted the spotlight or attention and that’s where the underground part of my name comes from. The king reference just came from me looking at myself as something greater than a rapper or just another nigga in their eyes. The whole vision behind the Naps Underground King thing is big. Just wait..

“I’ve been rapping for a long time, but I never took it serious until 2014 when my life was just crashing and I had no other way to express my pain or what I was feeling. As a kid I like writing poetry and lil letters to girls and things like that so writing has always been something I was good at. I just found the confidence in myself to vocally express myself with rap. Check out the single “Friend, Lover, Homie” coming soon.”




“We are Certified Life. That’s what it’s all about. We released a collaborative mixtape on 4/20. Look it up on MyMixtapez. The mixtape is called Super Certified Bros because that’s how we are. He’s got my back and I’ve got his back. We each have our own brand and we aren’t a group, we just work great together. We sound great together too.

“My solo sound is certified. I talk shit, but I talk facts. At first I was taking time working on my sound, but then I realized that me not sounding like anyone else is what made me unique! Everybody wants to be like the next. This is me, this is my lane, and this is what my creations are meant to sound like. Real certified music.

“My upcoming project is called Respect it or Correct It.”


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