Takeovr Shares His Talk With God

Le'Deana Brown

What made you decide to start off with gospel rap? I’m recently released and going through those things I started to get my life more centered on God. When I was there I started writing the songs I’m doing now. My single, “Had a Talk With Him” is the first song I recorded when I got home. It’s about having a talk with God and building a relationship with him. The song is me in prayer. I’m pointing out the things he’s directing in his word in the bible and how they’re helping me. The word tells you to share what God has done for you in your life. It’s only fitting that I do that.

People say that when people get locked up they get religious then go back to what they were doing before when they get out. How did you have discipline to stick to your message? A lot of people do get religious when they get locked up. There’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. It’s the perfect time because you’re separated from a lot of distractions so you have time to focus on God. The important thing is to keep walking with him. What people misunderstand is that when you come up out of situations like that you begin right where you left off. Trying to get your life right with God isn’t the snap of a finger. It doesn’t happen overnight. If that was the case you wouldn’t need God. You’re still going to make mistakes. God just wants you to keep getting up from your mistakes and looking towards him. Like with anything, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. You strive to be perfect, it’s an everyday struggle. It’s important to me to be a light.

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