365 Entrepreneur: Shaylee Marie

Le'Deana Brown



What motivates you to do music? My aunts, they were in a girls group back in the day. I’m their biggest fan and I really wanted them to make it but they stopped. I love doing music so I just thought about you know, takin over with it and I did. I just think about my stepdad like all the time when I’m doing music cause I knew that he wanted me to do it and go far with it. When he passed, it was like dang I got to do this for him you know? He’s like my motivation for the music. 


What’s your real true to life lyric about yourself? It’s a lot of them that I feel but the most, it was in “As I Should” when I said “These bitches be switchin. I don’t let it phase me.” In Indianapolis you can’t call nobody your friend. You just can’t trust nobody. They really be switchin quick like bihhh. I just keep pushin and I’ma do me at the end of the day. That’s the main one right there. These bitches gone switch, but I don’t let it phase me.


How did you get inspired to start being an entrepreneur while still in high school and getting into music? You know us teenagers we always want money. I’ve been doing mink lashes for like a year and three months. I had like 3 different jobs before I really started doin minks. I quit all of em. My auntie, Eyenique Lashes, she was doing them for like a year and a couple months when I quit my last job. She called me like, “Since you wanna be your own boss, how bout you do this?” I was like “No that’s not for me.” She was like “Yes it is, and I’m goin to teach you.” I had to pay for the kit but she gave me free lessons. I got certified and I’ve just been learning new things every day and I love it.


You’re also into giving back right? I have a non-profit organization. It’s called Shaylee Marie’s Helping Hands. What we do is go feed the homeless downtown every other Sunday. We bring them like hotdogs, chips, water, and stuff like that. We gather up and just serve it to em. I didn’t know it was this many homeless people. Really I didn’t. It’s sad. I feel good after I do it. I like when they say, “Thank you. God bless you.” That’s my favorite part.


“As I Should” music video on YouTube now.

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