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Words by: Raylin Taylor

Leak Magazine we here with Ethan

“Gang in this bitch!”

Tell me about yourself Ethan.

“I’m Ethan Brown, I go by ithinkethan, because I’m always thinking. Originally I’m from West Palm Beach Florida. I started working with Plies in Orlando for a year. Then I move to Atlanta when I was 18 and started working with Dolph.”

So how exactly did the connection with Dolph happen?

My big brother ShotbySpencer use to do all of Dolph’s stuff, but then he started working with Kevin Gates. When Kevin Gates got locked up, ShotbySpencer got back with Dolph. We always knew that ShotbySpencer would always go back to Kevin’s camp when he got release. And I always knew I would stay with PRE.”


So you travel a lot working with Dolph. What’s the best part about working with PRE?

“Everything man. It’s like family. Dolph like my brother, Glock like my brother. It's all self made. Dolph is the boss. Put in that work and stay on his good side. It's Paper Route Shit. Everything about it is the best part.”

Instead of just working with PRE, what are your other goals in photography?

“I never stay content with where I’m at. I’m always striving for better things. Everything involves PRE, and We got some hard shit coming out. That all I’m gone say. But I been talking to HBO and, I been talking to Netflix about becoming a creative director on some shit. I’m working.”

Favorite Photographer?

“ShotbySpencer. He taught me everything I know. ”

If you could photograph any celebrity in any time who would it be?

“James Brown. I just watched his documentary last night. That shit was fire.”

Last question, favorite strand of weed?

“Shout out Kush4Breakfast. He made the strands Smarties and Aria. He’s located in Seattle. If you ain’t smoking this shit yousa lie. Shit fire. Y’all gotta show me some Naptown shit.”

Last words?

Naptown lit. ithinkethan we out!


Instagram: @ithinkethan

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