SoundCheck; Pusha T & Fredo Bango

Kelah Mckee

Over the weekend, we checked out new music from Pusha T & Fredo Bang. 

Friday, Pusha T joined us on a Def Jam conference call to discuss his newest release It’s Almost DryIt’s Almost Dry has a total of 12 tracks and features from Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell & more. Pusha T also mentions how the project took him two years to complete fully. He acknowledges he knows he has large gaps when it comes to releasing new projects but he want to keep giving quality music. 

Fredo Bang also hopped on the call to talk about his latest release Two-Face Bang 2. Fredo Bang mentions how this project is a reflection of Louisiana, pain and an elevated sound. His lastest single “Last One Left” featuring Roddy Rich has 2.1 million views on YouTube and it been out for 11 days. Fredo also answers our question about why it’s important to stay tapped in with your main fan base? Fredo Bang said “It’s always important to tap back in with your core base because they supported you before you elevated to the next level. Give your core fan base what they want to hear then expand your creativity.”

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