Issue 87: Loyal Thoughts

Le'Deana Brown loyal thoughts


To be counted out
By the very ones you put food in their mouth
To be left high and dry
By the ones once by your side
It’s a thin line
Between love and hate (they say)
(I Say) it’s a Thin line between All things
Everything is one step away from being something else
We are all one breath away from lyfe or death
It’s a thin line that divides area codes
That “new” thing is one day away from being old
On the color scheme black is on the exact flip side of white
Just like the truth is on the exact flip side of a lie
Inmates are one appeal away from reduced time
Snitches are a thin line away from dropping dime
Loyalty is the opposite of betrayal
Let’s keep it real we are all one sin away from hell
So at the end of the day we are all a thin line away from everything being ok.

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