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What’s happening Midwest Leak,

This is Lil Billy aka Mr. Yes Yes aka Skills aka Naptown’s Finest and I’m on lockdown at Big Sandy United States Prison pacing around this small ass cell brainstorming. I’m in the beginning stages of a 3 week lockdown cause a nigga set himself on fire last night. They locked the prison down for the millionth time in my 2 year stay. They called my name for mail and slid me some pictures and Midwest Leak #105 and it made my whole day brighter.

I was like “Sweet! Le’Deana came through again. She’s a lifesaver. On God.” I love looking at the jewelry, clothes and to see who doing what with the music out there. I ain’t gon’ lie I be reading the Leak Awards favorites and be like “WTF? If I was out he’d never win! (lbvs). Other nominees make me proud cause I watched them build their brands, in some cases helped them, and with others I know we shared the same struggles and overcame some of the same obstacles and I’m proud of what they’ve become.

This is my second prison stay. I remember in 2010 I saw my first issue of Midwest Leak and it had Maxie and G Fresh in it with Munki Boi Chains on. When I saw the necklaces and read the accompanying articles I said, “I’ma rap, wear big chains, and become a known artist around my city.” It was official, and for the first time I’m admitting it all started with this magazine.

What’s crazy is in issue 105 I see my homie who was writing songs with me during the first prison bid and he’s opened a studio called Monumental Studios! That’s dope! I remember days we was in that hot ass dorm at Branchville writing songs and talking about what we’d do when we got out. Seems like a lifetime ago, but I’m proud. Salute you my nigga! There’s nothing like a man of his word. Because it’s so many niggas that talk for the sake of talking!

I also like the car section. I show niggas from all over the world our whip game and they be like, “Y’all ridin like that in Indiana?” I be like, “Hell yea! What y’all thought?!” I actually bumped into someone from Miami that had pictures of a few cars from the city. He said he knew about us and we bonded and built a relationship off of that alone. I’m like a walking, talking billboard for Indianapolis. I promote our music, style, slang, etc 24/7.

The calendars came through in the clutch too. And the women don’t hurt lol! I got to see my homie Indys Blk Barbie and the Leak Ladies who I haven’t seen in it seems like forever. I have their calendars hanging everywhere in my cell. I never woulda thought this federal prison experience would’ve turned out to be like this. It’s overrated. I used to think it was gonna be something glamourous. It’s not. It’s full of snitches and men with no morals and niggas living in that virtual reality we call street life. It’s niggas in here with 6 life sentences who would trade in any and everything to go back to school or church or do anything but street shit. They ain’t solid. They folding like picnic tables. Same niggas who a teach you to hustle or do some Gshit will throw you under the bus to get back to a woman or cars or clothes. They have a sayin that it’s two types in here: ones who told and ones who wish they did. I told them it’s three types then cause I don’t regret shit I did/ I ain’t told or wanted to and I’ma get out and really be that nigga. They be like, “I’d never expect you to be from Indiana!” and I be like, “I never expected a ‘gangster’ to talk like you talking.” This fed shit is sorta like the music industry, it’s smoke and mirrors. What you think you know, you really have no idea! I have a whole new found respect for men like myself who paid they debts to society and held true to the g-codes. And I have an even worse mentality towards those who broke. It’s not fair to milk the game of all the perks then switch up when it’s time to accept responsibility for your actions!

In closing, I’ll say this, whatever you decide to do rather it’s rap or streets or whatever, do it wholeheartedly. Drain it for every dollar it’s worth. Ride it til you’ve totally exhausted it, because one day there will come a time where you have to answer for everything you’ve done! When that day comes, believe me you don’t wanna have no regrets! If you gonna rap, RAP. Don’t be scared, go after Drake’s spot not no local niggas. If you gonna hustle, go after Big Meech’s spot not no local niggas! If you gonna do positive strive to be on Oprah or Dr. Martin Luther King level. Just do it big or get out the way for a person who will! In closing, I’m on the way, and I’m 20xs more focused! I have been planning for the day they let me out ever since they booked me in. I’m very premeditated like that.

Peace to Le’Deana and the Midwest Leak readers and all the locals who’ve held me down through this journey. It won’t be forgotten on God!! And to my wife, Love LeAmber I’mma buy you a mansion for this!

Love n Loyalty, Lil Billy

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