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Words by @LeDeana

When did you start getting into tattoos? When everything else wasn’t making sense. I got out looking for a job and no one would hire me. I used to dance and that wasn’t making sense. We weren’t winning, and when we did win we weren’t making money. I don’t want a trophy after practicing six or seven months. I was promoting parties, but they were just using my name and that wasn’t making sense. They weren’t paying me what people thought I was getting paid. I wasn’t getting real money but on the internet it looked like I was getting money. How long did you think that was gonna last? I had to find something else to do. I ran into Nitty and he let me do my first tattoo at his shop. It was a Jetsons dog I did on Sumo. My first one was flawless and I never turned back. I knew that was the way. I couldn’t sell dope. I wasn’t a good dope dealer. I do drugs. I can’t sell them. Drug dealing ain’t for me. Even when I tried it, it didn’t make more sense than tattooing when I could see $300-$400 a day. That’s like doctor money. Some people sell drugs just to say they do it and the money doesn’t even make sense. 

Do you tattoo yourself and do you have any tattoos you wish you hadn’t gotten? Yes, I’ve tattooed myself, but I don’t like to. It hurts. It’s easier to shoot the next person but hard to shoot yourself! I did them upside down. They looked right to me at the time. I’ve made some mistakes in my life [laughs]. And yes I’m pissed about the tattoo of lips on my face. And girls names. I’ve never covered up my tattoos though. No regrets. This old ass woman made me tattoo on her leg “Bitch don’t kill my vibe.” I was so mad she wanted that but come on with that $70 [laughs]!


What’s the best part of your chosen profession?

Tattooing showed me some real stuff in life. Be you and do what you do. Everybody doesn’t have to be a drug dealer. You don’t have to be the hardest person out. Bump slow music with your girl in the car if that’s what you like. Stay open, laughing and loving. Tattooing saved my life.

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