Cover Story: The Return of Juice

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words by: Le’Deana Brown
photos by: Colli Media

You seem to be really getting your grown man on style wise lately. Does that signify a transition in your music? Everybody got their own style and looks, but a lot of it looks the same. Like you said I’m grown, I don’t carry myself like I did back in the day. I used to be into trends and fashion but I’m grown and I’m trying to reflect that in my music now.

What did the transition consist of? It started as getting money and being in the streets, making sure my family eats. I was putting my life and freedom in jeopardy to handle my responsibilities. As I went along I realized I have a lot more to live for. I wanted to be a positive influence. I have an auto paint and body shop now called Indy Straight Up Customs. I always liked cars and working on them. I taught myself through various ways and it’s starting to pay off.

Now that you have a business do you treat your music like a business? It’s different now. People try to get me to spend more time making music but it doesn’t put food on the table. My love for it hasn’t changed but unfortunately, it’s more of a hobby. I use it as a tool to somewhat help people. Not everyone will love your music. Even if you don’t have a million fans the ones that do love you will support you. Just by loving music and everything about it I also wanted to get word to people that can relate to what I’ve been through.

Do you plan on growing your music to the point where you don’t work on cars anymore or are you equally as passionate about both? I will always have a love for cars but because all the things I been through I would like to help people pursue their music dreams. I would sooner or later get into the business aspect of things. Before I do I want to do some more damage making my own music. I want to be someone people can look to for help. I may not be able to do much but at least point you in the right direction. Loyalty is important and if you aren’t serious then I won’t put in effort.

Sometimes people have a different definition of loyalty, what is yours? Being loyal to who’s loyal to you. If someone is putting their everything into you, you have to hold up your end of the deal. Everyone has to make time to succeed. Everybody wants a deal but they want hand outs and promise to look out when they get to the top and that’s not how it works. It’s easier to hire people to work and use their resources too.

What new projects are you working on? I’m dropping a project called The Lazarus Project. I hadn’t done anything in a while and I called up a couple friends of mine, Kenneth Merc Luke and Germz, and they put together some nice projects. I was lacking motivation and desire to make music and I needed their assistance. I don’t like to put a cap on music as long as you have a voice you do it and go for it. I called it the Lazarus project because of the story in the Bible and it was like I got resurrected.


FB: Charles “Juice” Kirby
SoundCloud: JuicePerforms

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