The SOULcial Issue: A Rebirth

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A Rebirth


A rise from the ashes

The same ashes I swept under my bed

Tossed out with the trash

I swear I wasn’t good enough

I spent years trying to be good enough

If I gave life anymore of me

I’m sure I’ll be

The next statistic

The next prayer

The next eulogy

For those who swore they were listening

Can you hear me now

Can you see me now

The body

Who tried to tell everybody

How life was beating me down

Save your prayers

If I wasn’t good enough to receive them then

It is too late to receive them now


A rebirth

A rise from the ashes

The same ashes I planted in the garden

If the sun can sprout flowers out of seeds

Then maybe God can sprout a man out of me

The one he believed I could be

Because the boy I was

Was far from being All that I can

But if water can bloom roses

I pray his Holy Spirit can nurture the concrete

I came from

Providing me with a yellow brick road

I can build a name from

A rebirth

From suicidal thoughts to Positive living

A new me

A new King

A rebirth

I was given


IG: akeemspeaks2

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