The SOULcial Issue: Baggage Claim

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Baggage claim


Lost souls, lost love, lost  hope living in my eyes,

releasing a vivid memory every time I cry , a mixture between anger & resentment ,

I woke up and didn’t know where the time went,

This part gets hard , admitting that everyone you thought loved you is a fraud and they do it for applause ,


They could care less about the cause and effect, chasing clout and wanting to be down . Please understand always someone who you’re around ,


trying to smile through the pain , unable to attain understanding, fighting your demons a demands are demanding .


looking through the pictures and they so candidly capture the  true meaning of trapped , Wasnt aware ,  didn’t know that evil could transfer through souls like that .


Preyed on from prison , trauma blocking your vision , got nothing left but faith so you’re holding on to religion . you choose to forgive the men  that took advantage of the passion , your heart on your sleeve like that’s the new fashion  ,

you’re not bashing you’re just asking to be heard , better yet you need to be felt , no complaints you’re ready to win with the hand that was dealt


, no one can help you but you , you weren’t the first won’t be the last , just a life learned lesson that life comes at you fast , your life is your story, ask yourself , who is for me ?

when the weather gets stormy , who’s going to hold your umbrella?


be careful who you let in , be careful who you defend ,

love the sinner hate the sin .

you will never win if you aren’t healed from the inside out , I pray this reaches you when you need to hear it , see it or be it


.. to my queens , you are strength, purpose and love ,

, no matter what the size of your tits ,

the shape of your lips or how wide your hips ,

you are the beauty inside , beauty defined .


To my kings , you are the power , we watch you hide the pain , world on your shoulders , penitentiary chances for monetary gain

our expectations sometimes to high , then when you get locked up we leave , leaving you high and dry

now you have to face the fact that those things were not things that you would need , to be king .


Excerpt from “VENT BELOW “

Tiara Walton


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